REACH 2017 Helps Churches Take Next Steps

WFX Staff | WFX REACH | May 18, 2017

Hundreds of church staff and volunteers, many who attended as teams, gathered at this year’s WFX REACH where intensive, inspirational and skill-equipping sessions exceeded expectations.

Crossroads Fellowship Church, located in Raleigh North Carolina, opened its doors this past Monday and Tuesday, May 15-16, to welcome hundreds of enthusiastic WFX REACHattendees who gathered for inspiration and for a diverse selection of more than 50 ministry-building sessions.

The conference also showcased more than 40 manufacturers and service providers who serve today’s ministry needs.

Church teams could walk the floor to view the latest in AVL gear,  gain architectural and building advice, or discuss church security equipment needs – just to name a few.

Role-focused tracks included Tech Arts, Buildings and Design, Communications, Worship and – new to this year’s REACH – Cross Functional sessions.

According to REACH Conference Event Manager, Beth Vinton, the newly developed Cross Functional sessions were popular among attendees. “The sessions are designed to help various roles within the church to understand each other’s role. Frequently, friction can occur when people, who work closely together don’t have a good knowledge of each other’s responsibilities. These courses can help to unify teams, which can assist in improving the final outcome of working together.”

Despite increased classroom sizes, this year’s 15 plus Communications sessions again were packed full. The first session was a deep dive into the WFX Network Communications Survey Results.

Present to unpack the findings and lead a discussion were Beknownforsomething founder, speaker and author, Mark MacDonald along with WFX Network Vice President, Jim Wagner.

MacDonald noted the survey results are, “encouraging because we are seeing that churches now understand the need for a person specifically tackling communications. However, from our report and our REACH session where we discussed the report, we found directors of church communication are unclear how they should strategize their church’s message. We found it encouraging, however, to hear first hand that many churches are considering this as a foundation for the upcoming year.”

Most concerning though? According to the report many aren’t sure if their efforts are effective. “I heard it often while talking to leaders at REACH as well, tells MacDonald. “There are so many resources to help church communicators learn and grow their skills and strategy. I’m glad WFX, REACH, and their publications are helping with this initiative.”

If you haven’t had the chance to download the WFX Network Communications Survey and Report you can download it HERE.

Look for event information coming soon for this year’s WFX Conference and EXPO in Dallas, Texas:

Boot Camps and Tech Leaders Retreat: October 10, 2017
Conferences: October 11-12, 2017
Expo Solution Center:  October 11-12, 2017
Loud Speaker Demos:  October 11-12, 2017