Why Attend WFX?

In over 12 years of serving churches, we have found that WFX’s team-based training moves churches forward faster and with more focus than any other means. Our curriculum provides an opportunity for church teams to learn and be inspired together. Many churches use their time at WFX as their annual planning retreat.

Who can benefit from attending WFX:

  • Tech directors and their teams looking for hands-on training, new ideas, new technology or expansion strategies.
  • Tech and worship directors looking to work together to optimize gear and technology that deepen the worship experience.
  • Worship leaders, musicians, and creatives looking for affordable skill-based training, inspiration, and refreshment.
  • Leadership teams considering a new facility, building improvements or the launch of another campus.
  • Facility managers embarking on a new project and/or improvement to the existing building, looking to ensure a safe and secure church environment, or the launch of a new campus, including a virtual site.
  • Pastors and lay leaders, seeking to invest in team development and relationships.
  • Church communications specialists who are seeking skills and strategies to leverage social media and technology.