WFX Conference & Expo and our sponsors are dedicated to helping churches fulfill their calling.

Presented by the WFX Network

The Great Commission is one of the most significant passages in the Bible. First, it's the last recorded personal instruction given by Jesus to His disciples. Second, it’s his assignment to us all - It’s our calling. The one we ALL share together. The Great Commission is found in the Gospel of Matthew.

In the 21st century, church methodology, technology, and the internet have become a means to reach our mission field. The places and people who need to hear the Gospel are everywhere! It is our responsibility to reach them, through any, and all mean necessary.

“I really enjoyed the conference and expo, and the opportunity I had to connect with other people and get feedback and ideas from other churches. Four team members attended from our church. In most cases, churches have tight budgets, so to be able to come to a conference like this is a blessing.”

-Director of Planning and Construction, Trinity Baptist Church

“Loved the exhibitors and learned a lot from them. I wish I could have had another day with them. We were/are having a problem with our FX300 Canon camera, and I went to their booth, and got the problem solved with their help.”

-Audio/Video Tech, Gold Canyon United Methodist Church

“My team and I are so grateful to have attended the WFX conference this year! The time and thought that their team puts into building meaningful and relevant conference tracks and workshops is so valuable to our churches. WHETHER YOU ARE A CHURCH OF 80 or 8,000, WFX is providing a comprehensive experience for you.Thank you, WFX, for giving us an opportunity to learn from the best!”

– Caroline Larrinaga, Oasis Church

“Wow! What an amazing opportunity for our team. Our ministry recently merged with an existing church and this conference is a great chance for us to grow together as a team while strategizing for our future together. We have a great facility now with a lot of potential growth and the information provided at the conference will help us be make wise choices and be efficient with our resources. Thank you so much!”

– Pastor Damion Dunlap, Truth Fellowship Community Church