WFX Tackles the 5 Most Critical Ministry Development Needs

WFX Staff | Conference| July 20, 2017

The 2017 WFX Conference & Expo (WFX) education format, offers five unique but concurrent conferences, each with its own keynote address and dedicated sessions to meet the needs of today’s church leadership teams.

“We want every member of the church team to receive individualized training and inspiration within their areas of specialty,” said Beth Vinton, program manager for WFX. “Our goal is to send attendees home equipped, refreshed and ready to fulfill their roles with excellence.”

WFX keynotes are always rousing, delivered by widely recognizable figures in the church world. The specialized keynotes will pack the same punch, as WFX organizers have lined up well-known experts—authors, pastors and professionals—in each of the five conference areas.

Next-Gen Buildings Conference

Small church expert, Karl Vaters, pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, California, author of The Grasshopper Myth, the voice of the blog Pivot, and founder of, is the keynote speaker for the Next-Gen Buildings Conference. The conference will explore today’s building trends and help pastors, administrators and other church leadership navigate the world of facilities.

Vaters’ talk is titled, “The Millennial Mystery: Ministering to (and with) a Generation that Doesn’t Exist” and will resonate with church leaders who are interested in a “different-than-normal take on ministry to millennials,” said Vaters.

Vaters will share the shift in mindset that he as a baby boomer has had to make to effectively minister to millennials—the largest generation in American history. However, the session is geared toward both boomers and millennials.

“Church leaders from the boomer generation will leave with a clearer understanding of why ministry to millennials is different,” said Vaters. “Church leaders from the millennial generation will leave knowing they’ve been represented well, not as a problem to be fixed, or as a demographic group to be exploited, but as valued individuals.”

Tech Arts Conference

Targeted as a holistic learning experience for tech leaders, tech staff and volunteers, the Tech Arts Conference will provide a blend of hands-on technical training and soft skills that will be taught. Justin Firesheets, production manager for Church of the Highlands’ 16 campuses in and around Birmingham, Alabama, will deliver the keynote address, “Stewarding Your Season.”

Firesheets says, “God has called all of us to a specific time and place for ministry, and He’s equipped each of us with a unique gift and calling. While He expects us all to grow and develop as leaders, He doesn’t expect the process or the end result to be the same for everyone. Come hear words of encouragement and practical steps for growth that any ministry leader can apply to his or her own situation. God has tremendous blessings and opportunities in store for each of us as leaders, as long as we’re willing to take the right steps to start the journey!”

Church Communications Conference

Designed to provide attendees with an overview of today’s communication tools and how to plan overall communication strategies, the Church Communications Conference will feature Len Wilson, author and creative director at St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas, as its keynote speaker. His address, “Shareability: Transform Hearts, Lives and Communities with Messages That Click” is geared toward pastors, communications staff and other leaders who “wonder why [their] messages, from sermons to communications, don’t always resonate and change hearts and lives,” shared Wilson.

Wilson will dive into how to use the tools of communication more effectively for greater impact and will also share five practical tests to apply to messages to make them more influential and impactful.

Safety and Security Conference

Ron Aguiar, a church safety and security expert and former Safety and Security Director of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, will discuss how to provide a safe and secure environment for church staff, attendees and children, in his keynote, “Keeping Your Church Safe.”

Safety and security is a multifaceted topic, but a necessary one and Aguiar will share examples and practical how-to advice from his more than 30 years of experience in the field.

“Leaders, staff and volunteers interested in having a safe place to reach people for Christ need to attend,” Aguiar said.

WeAreWorship Conference

The WeAreWorship Conference at WFX 2017 will be produced in partnership with Integrity Music and the platform. Worship leaders, musicians and songwriters can expect a rich time of both skill development and inspiration. The WeAreWorship keynote will be delivered by Michael Farren, a GRAMMY Award-nominated and ASCAP and Dove Award-winning songwriter, producer and recording artist. Farren is also the worship pastor at Gateway Church in Franklin, Tennessee.

Farren’s keynote, “God in the Dream” will speak specifically to worship pastors and songwriters looking to write songs for corporate worship. The talk will focus on why it’s important to write music for the church and how to overcome feelings of inadequacy in doing so.

“Our hope is that those who attend will leave with a deeper passion for equipping their churches with songs that are not just well written, but deeply connected to the very DNA of the places they are called to serve,” said Farren.

WFX 2017 will be held October 10-12 in Dallas at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. To learn more about the conference and to register, visit Early pricing for the full conference ends August 11, 2017.