Don’t Miss the WeAreWorship Conference at WFX Conference & Expo 2017

WFX Staff | Conference, We Are Worship | August 1, 2017

WFX Conference & Expo, Integrity Music Partner to Create WeAreWorship Conference, Inspiring Training Event

The WFX Conference and Expo (WFX) is partnering with international church resource provider Integrity Music, and its worship resource platform, to produce the WeAreWorship Conference at WFX 2017, to be held October 11-12 in Dallas.

The WeAreWorship Conference will feature in-depth worship team training taught by Integrity Music artists, songwriters and musicians.

Paul Baloche Dove Award Winning Songwriter, Worship Leader, and Recording Artists for Integrity Music, will deliver the opening general keynote address at WFX, titled “Building God’s House”. He will unpack the scripture found in Chronicles instructing tradesmen, musicians and gatekeepers to work together to build a house for the name of the Lord. Baloche will discuss how teams can appreciate and understand one another’s roles and work together to live this commission out in present day.

“Integrity wants to help attendees walk away inspired in their relationship with the Lord, and in their desire to serve the local church well,” said Baloche.

“I want to encourage everyone involved in producing the worship experience—it’s not all about the people on the platform with the instruments,” Baloche added. “It takes everybody.”

In addition to his keynote address , Baloche will lead a session titled, “Ministry to The Lord” in which he hopes to help worship leaders regain sight of their first audience—the Lord.

In addition to Baloche, Michael Farren, GRAMMY Award-nominated and ASCAP and Dove Award-winning songwriter, producer, recording artist and worship leader at Gateway Church in Franklin, Tenn., will bring one of the two keynote addresses at the WeAreWorship Conference. It will be titled “When Heaven Comes Down.”

Farren hopes to encourage leaders and pastors to recapture passion in worship and recognize that songs and technical tools are all gifts we’ve been given to host holy moments and invite heaven down.

“I know the heart of Integrity and WeAreWorship — a dedication to leading worship leaders and facilitating worship experiences in churches,” Farren said. “We’re excited to connect with the attendees at WFX — its platform of brilliant people and a high-quality caliber of leaders.”

Farren is joined by other Integrity artists, including Travis Ryan, Dove Award-nominated songwriter and recording artist based in Nashville, where he is worship pastor at LifePoint Church, and Baloche.

Farren will also lead five WeAreWorship Conference sessions, with the help of Dustin Smith and Michael King, joined by Integrity artists, Alisa Turner and Corey Voss. Some of the sessions are songwriting intensives and others are designed to help worship leaders key in on the “why” behind their ministry.

The group will explore what it means to “build your dream” in a two-part session titled, “God in the Dream.” During that session, Farren will talk about honoring God-breathed dreams and visions, while managing the pressure to build the dream without feeling paralyzed.

“There will be great insights and practical teaching, but also emphasis on the spiritual implications. What does it mean to be pastoral? There will be a loud call to think about why we do what we do,” said Farren.

Ryan will also lead five sessions within the WeAreWorship Conference. His topics will include the importance of consistently developing new leaders at all levels of the church, as well as how the church can and should reclaim and foster creativity.

In his session, “How to Develop Leaders Not Just Followers,” Ryan will give attendees practical tips for equipping leaders in the community and church.

“In our culture, we get paid to do the job on our own — that’s what the world says. But the Word says to become less so He becomes more; to lift up those around us; to take charge and take leadership of the church,” noted Ryan.

In another of Ryan’s sessions, in “Release the Hidden Creativity that God has for Your Church,” he will discuss how to rediscover true creativity in ministries as opposed to imitating culture.

“The Church used to be the most creative entity. It’s where art and music were curated and commissioned. That has changed in today’s culture. We tend to mimic what’s happening in the world, instead of leading the trend,” Ryan said.
The Integrity artists and musicians that will be on hand in Dallas will also facilitate worship at the general sessions. The conference will be launched on Wednesday morning with worship, led by Baloche, in addition to his keynote address. Covenant Worship, the worship band of Covenant Church in Dallas, will close the general session keynote session with worship on Thursday afternoon.

“A lot of times, leaders and pastors don’t get the chance to just come into the sanctuary and worship; they’re busy putting it all together,” said Baloche. “This will be a time of refreshing, where they’re not responsible for anything. They can just come and receive, and worship with others.”

As a special feature to the WFX Conference & Expo, there will be a Night of Worship Concert at Covenant Church on Wednesday, October 11, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. It will feature Covenant Worship, Baloche, Ryan, Farren, Alisa Turner, Corey Voss, Michael Neale of Prestonwood Baptist Church, and others. WFX attendees will have access to priority seating and reservations for transportation is expected to be available later on in August, on the event website’s registration (link) page.

“The heart and vision behind the Night of Worship, is to offer encouragement and refreshment to the people in the trenches, those working hard to make ‘church’ happen every day,” said Ryan. “There will be cool songs and cool bands, but all that’s meaningless, if we’re not giving people God.”

“Those of us that seek to inspire our local congregations week after week, and help them express worship to the Lord, have to stay inspired ourselves. A conference like WFX can really reboot the soul and send you home inspired with fresh vision and excitement,” said Baloche. “We can’t inspire others, if we’re not inspired ourselves.”

The WeAreWorship Conference at WFX 2017 will be held Wednesday, October 11 and Thursday, October 12 in at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. The Wednesday Night of Worship Concert will be held at Covenant Church in Dallas. To learn more about these events and to register, visit