We’re doing something NEW!

Training, inspiring, motivating or disciplining your staff are part and partial to a healthy and thriving church. Countless testimonials speak to the impact WFX has on church teams and the subsequent effectiveness of their ministry reach in their surrounding communities. Join us for state-of-the-art church training and education that speaks to the emerging needs and demands of running a church today.

What will I learn at WFX?

We have listened to your feedback and responded by creating the biggest conference and expo in the country. This year, we are offering 5 individual conferences, all at the same time and in the same place. By providing 5 concurrent conferences, you can gain knowledge and expertise specific to your role. Yet, worship and keynote general sessions, expo time, cross-functional sessions and our added feature experiences, allows for plenty of time to connect with your team too. Many churches use WFX as their yearly retreat and report back to us that their experience was the most impactful thing that changed their church.

  • The Next-Gen Building Conference de-mystifies today’s trends and clarifies the process of determining your current and future needs. We’ll help you know how to fund, plan and oversee improvements that will ultimately, help you make greater impact in your surrounding community.
  • The Church Communications Conference will unlock the potential of your church’s message through education, idea sharing and connection to a community of like-minded communicators.  Learn how to leverage social media, story-telling, the mobile platform, branding This conference is your greatest opportunity for you to change and transform the way you think, plan and execute your communication efforts.
  • The Church Safety & Security Conference is designed for pastors, executive pastors, facility managers and all ministries involved in maintaining a safe church environment. Sessions will provide pro-active steps and insights into security technology, access control, safety procedures, emergency planning and notification, active shooter response and tactics that can prevent and protect your buildings and church community.
  • The Tech Arts Conference is designed to meet the training needs of tech leaders, worship leaders, creative directors and the staff and teams of volunteers.
  • The We Are Worship Conference offers worship teams, an opportunity to personally connect with Integrity Music artists and renowned Christian songwriters. WeAreWorship instructors feel a passion to serve those who have desire to bring their best to their Sunday worship experience.

WFX is where entire teams come together and get state-of-the-art training and education. Individual conferences include featured speakers, conference sessions, peer group discussions, boot camps and more. Keynote speakers, general sessions, worship and dedicated expo times ensure that teams have plenty of time together as well. The biggest complaint we hear is, “There’s so much to choose from.”