WFX is a team-based learning event designed to be a catalyst for change

WFX is where entire teams come together and get state-of-the-art training and education. The biggest complaint we hear is, “There’s so much to choose from.”  Plus, it’s the largest church expo in the United States, and your chance to research hundreds of products and services all in one place. Learn More

New Format Gives you More and with Unlimited Flexibility

NEW in 2017, WFX presents 5 distinct conferences delivering in-depth learning opportunities for everyone on your team. But, as with all WFX events, we give you the flexibility to mix and match and customize your event experience to best meet your needs. Don’t be intimidated or limited by how we have arranged the event. Onsite you and your whole team can tailor your experience and attend any session you want.

What Can My Church Learn by Attending?

5 Unique Conferences offer in-depth, yet full customizable agendas to meet the needs of every type, tradition, and size of church.

  • The Tech Arts Conference Learn and train your team on the latest techniques and technology to support your church. From beginner to advanced, large church to small, WFX is where the tech arts community comes to learn and grow.
  • The Next-Gen Building Conference Learn how to fund, plan and oversee improvements that will ultimately, help you make a greater impact in your surrounding community.
  • The Church Communications Conference Learn how to leverage social media, story-telling, the mobile platform, branding This conference is your greatest opportunity for you to change and transform the way you think, plan and execute your communication efforts.
  • The Church Safety & Security Conference Gain insights into security technology, access control, safety procedures, emergency planning and notification, active shooter response and tactics that can prevent and protect your buildings and church community.
  • The We Are Worship Conference Learn how to take your worship to the next level and recapture your heart of worship at this unique conference taught by artists and songwriters from Integrity Music.

Plus take advantage of these Pre-Conference opportunities:

  • Boot CampsSponsored Workshops Take a deeper dive into topics such as staffing, communications for small churches, safety and security, tech arts and more.
  • 7th Annual Tech Leaders Retreat Where leaders are encouraged to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Attendees will develop their leadership skills and gain personal insight and development tips from some of the nation’s largest and most influential church tech leaders.