How to use technology to enhance your worship services

Regardless of whether you’re a large band and choir, or a small 3 piece band with 2 or 3 singers, this class will help you apply multi-tracks and will surely enhance your worship. Learn how to make the most of your worship experience. This incredible tool will expand the scope of your
 song choices, widen your sound, and solidify your rhythm section. Don’t let the various features and updates derail you. Don’t be intimidated by the technology or learning curve. This class is designed to take the mystery out of multi-tracks and thrust you into new possibilities for your worship team and audio crew. Learn how to download, edit and loop songs to suit your specific needs as a church production team. Understand how to get the best quality of sound from your Multitracks platform to the soundboard and through the house. Don’t leave the awesome opportunities that Multi-tracks presents on the table!

About the speaker

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez grew up in Covenant Church and served as a leader in the youth leading worship and playing drums and percussion. When he was still in his teens, he was asked to become a part of the adult worship community at Covenant. Daniel is one the most passionate worshiping musicians. Over the last 3 to 4 years, DLO (as we all call him) has become the glue that holds us all together and and is now a big part of our production team. Daniel Lopez is at the very center of all our musical production.