When worship, audio, and media are unified in vision and purpose, they
are unstoppable! Too often we get our wires crossed and don’t know how
to best communicate expectations and goals with people across
department lines. In this class, you’ll learn how to speak each
other’s language, build bridges, and create a more powerful
atmosphere of worship than ever before. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and the relationship between music and media is certainly no exception. With intentional preparation and respectful communication, we can create relationships that God will use to exponentially bless His church. Not to mention, we all make it out with a few less gray hairs! Equip yourself and your team with the technical knowledge and vocabulary as well as the heart of unity. Let’s win this thing together.

About the speaker

Covenant Worship

Covenant Worship
Covenant Worship is the dynamic music ministry of Covenant Church, a multi-campus, non-denominational congregation based in the Dallas, Texas area. Team leaders include Josh Dufrene, Colin Edge and Nathan Walker. In addition to leading worship for the church, the team leads/teaches for events held around the globe. Covenant Worship’s albums include Sand & Stars, Take Heart, Kingdom and Standing. Additional information may be found at Covenant Church.