Hear from two media professionals about how they addressed the challenge of producing a live IMAG, broadcast, web and simulcast feed with an all-volunteer production team. From signal flow to pre-production planning, the entire process of producing for multiple audiences simultaneously will be examined. Production hardware and techniques will be discussed and short excerpts of several productions will be shown to illustrate the key concepts and procedures used to deliver the message weekly to an in-room, broadcast, and web audience. Additional details will be provided for steps that can be taken for post-editorial of the broadcast content.

1. Identify your audience – what are the differences between the audiences to whom I am presenting?
2. Take inventory of your resources – what are my current capabilities for creating multiple productions?
3. Find the gaps – where are my resources currently lacking in providing multiple outputs?
4. Plan for production – using the tools I have or can obtain, how can I produce the most useful, and creative output targeted at the individual audiences? Includes pre-production workflow and training concepts.

About the speakers

Sam Peterson

Sam Peterson
Director, Servers and Replay
Grass Valley

Sam Peterson is the Director of Product Management for Servers and Replay at Grass Valley. In this role Sam leads Grass Valley’s activities supporting the Live Production server and replay market. Sam is responsible for guiding Grass Valley’s solutions to meet the growing demands of customers in creating compelling live content and developing the use of technological innovation to improve workflow efficiency and address new customer requirements.

Sam joined Grass Valley in 1996 as a Field Application Engineer focused on the transition from tape to disk in broadcast playout and production. Later activities include a focus on the transition to High Definition and file-based delivery of content for the commercial content distribution and digital cinema. During this period Sam worked with visionaries such as James Cameron (credited on Ghosts of the Abyss) and others working towards emerging display technologies. Sam later led the Sales Engineering team for the Americas and then as leader of product management for integrated playout. Most recently Sam served as the Senior Segment Manager for Live Production.

Sam has published several papers including most recently on the topic of the IP transition in live production for SVG Journal. His current focus is the intersection of the migration to IP in production and the emerging HDR and UHD formats enabling immersive consumption of visual content.



Bryan Bailey

Bryan Bailey
Minister of Media
First Baptist Dallas, Grass Valley

Bryan Bailey is an unusual mix of classically trained musician and technical director, allowing him to flow seamlessly between artistic and technical worlds. He has worked with lighting, audio, and video at several of the country’s largest Baptist churches. He currently serves at First Baptist Dallas where he helped open a $135 Million facility on Easter of 2013.

Bryan has a strong background in lighting design, cutting his teeth in the theatrical world early in his career but quickly spreading to live event productions and video shoots. These days, he is often found directing the 12-camera services at FBC Dallas on Sundays, and leading the crew of 30+ volunteers it takes to run them. Volunteer management is a vital and passionate endeavor for him.

Bryan believes in utilizing technology in spreading the Gospel and enhancing worship experiences with excellence, while ministering to as many people as possible along the way.