There is a problem with contemporary church trends, and team building programs…Ministry programs are based on trends and must change over time. Ministry methods are based on Biblical principles that are concrete, permanent and the foundation to ministry success.

This session helps ministry leaders avoid burn out and the stress of understaffed volunteer teams. Understanding and implementing 3 biblical principles will create excitement and maintain motivation within your program, stimulate the spiritual growth of your volunteers and promote balance between your ministry and home life.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to create excitement and maintain volunteer motivation
  • Ways to stimulate spiritual growth by encouraging discipleship and mentoring programs within your tech team training.
  • Ways to RELIEVE STRESS by confidently delegating to your team giving you more personal and family time.

About the speaker

Gregory Kayne

Gregory Kayne
Media Arts Directory
Bethel Christian Fellowship – Rochester

Gregory has spent over 25 years producing music, media and leading worship. He is the Media Arts Director at Bethel Christian Fellowship, where he oversees the creative teams as well as trains and shepherds media ministers. Over the years, Greg has served as the music director and sound designer on award-winning documentary films, theater productions and broadcast commercials. He has extensive experience training media students as a college professor and also speaking and leading worship at various conferences and camps around the country. He lives in Rochester, NY with his wife Mikayla and their 3 boys.