Amidst all of the excitement that goes into launching a portable church or even a new campus, there are still numerous logistical challenges that will be encountered and must be overcome. Knowing what those common challenges are, and learning from those who have been there and done that, is essential to a successful launch. If your church is contemplating it’s next step in response to new growth, come and learn the important questions to ask or things to consider:
1. Understand the important questions to ask and items to consider when planning a new campus launch.
2. Learn how to develop a system for tracking decisions, progress, information, and other critical measurables.
3. Discuss the importance of margin and advance planning during the preparation process.
4. Grasp how effective systems and practices can make the pre-launch process smoother.

About the speaker

Justin Firesheets

Justin Firesheets
Production Manager
Church of the Highlands

Justin Firesheets has been the Production Manager at Church of the Highlands since Feb. 2009 after having spent the previous six years working in the sports broadcasting industry. He is responsible for the management of the video systems, volunteer teams, and equipment at all 14 campuses of Highlands, which is currently one of the five largest churches in the United States. MORE
Justin will also be leading the Tech Leader’s Retreat on Tuesday, October 10th.