Many Churches today are faced with several challenges as it relates to stage and overall volume in their congregations. Without the proper understanding of how sound is perceived and how to address this problem, attempts to remedy this can often make things worse and at a very high cost. This workshop addresses all of these issues and how best to improve your worship experience by properly addressing the Personal Monitoring problem. In-ear monitors are known to help improve the overall sound quality by dramatically reducing noise on stage. However, many musicians complain about poor audio, unfamiliar/ isolated sound, even dizziness which can make the transition to IEMs frustrating. In this workshop, we explain the dynamics of listening with IEMs and how a qualified personal monitoring system can help overcome these issues by creating an individual mix using stereo effects and panning to re-create a three-dimensional, natural sound experience. Participants in the class will be able to create a 3D sound and compare for themselves.

At their best, personal monitor mixers make the worship music experience more enjoyable for both tech directors and musicians. We’ll show how a musician-friendly, intuitive user interface for a personal mixer is key in avoiding tech- overload for musicians. Lastly, we will provide an overview on the importance of channel selection and what should be offered to musicians to keep them happy and in the flow–happy musicians, happy tech directors.

About the speaker

Mathias von Heydekampf

Mathias von Heydekampf
Managing Director
Synthax USA

Mathias von Heydekampf is an industry veteran with 25 years of audio experience. His past employment at Bose, Harmon, Telex and Bosch have allowed him to see every aspect of the audio industry. Currently von Heydekampf is Managing Director of Synthax USA whose brands include RME, Ferrofish and myMix. Mathias is a passionate presenter who believes that quality audio should never be compromised. When the industry does its job well delivering quality audio to whatever application or to whomever is listening or playing, everyone benefits. Mathias is equally passionate about soccer and golf as he is about audio. ted States Coast Guard Band of New London, CT.