Options for Multi-site Video Delivery

If your church uses video to connect multiple campuses together, it is important to understand the options available for video delivery. Whether it is a matter of sending video to another building on the same campus, or to many campuses across the nation, technical directors and IT personnel will be tasked with selecting and implementing a technology that is reliable, scalable, and affordable.

In this session you will learn about a variety of technology options and best practices for delivering pre-recorded video on hard drives, and live video over point-to-point fiber, local area networks (LAN), and standard internet connections, so that you may confidently identify which is best suited for your church’s particular need.

About the speaker

Paul Martel

Paul Martel
CEO and Co-founder
Living As One

Paul is CEO and Co-Founder of Living As One, LLC, an organization focused on strengthening and uniting The Church through improved communication technology and collaboration. Paul is a graduate of The University of Texas at Dallas and has professional employment experience in emergency communications, worldwide corporate broadcast, and house of worship productions.

Paul formed Living As One in 2013 after discovering a void in the technology market for a simple, reliable, affordable and scalable way to distribute live video among his geographically dispersed multi-site church. He paired his background in computer programming with his experience in telecommunications and developed an end-to-end solution that fulfilled the market needs for resilient video distribution over the public internet.

Beyond running Living As One, Paul is passionate about live event production and sharing his experience and knowledge with the house of worship community. He strives to educate both technical and non-technical audiences about the variety of streaming technologies available, and which works best for particular use cases.

Daniel Poston

Daniel Poston
IT Operations Director
NewSpring Church,

Daniel is the IT Operations Director for NewSpring Church, a multisite church in South Carolina. While he has been in full-time ministry for the last four years, he’s spent the last 20 years of his life working in IT. While not serving at NewSpring, he’s usually spending time outdoors with his wife and two children.