Are LED video walls or projection videos used at your church? Are you thinking of adding them? Then you won’t want to miss this informative learning session and demo conducted by Tim Messina. He has created video displays for large churches as well as worship rallies like Steubenville Youth Conference, The Awakening Conference, Warrior Conference, and Soulfest.  In this demo session, Tim and his team will share tips on balancing video walls and projection videos with lighting so they work together, rather than compete for attention during services, concerts, and conferences. Topics covered include:

  • Balancing brightness between lighting, video walls, and projection
  • Making lighting and video work together both in person and on screen
  • Choosing when to use projection and when to use video wall

About the speaker

Tim Messina

Tim Messina
Founder & President
Events United

Tim Messina is the founder and president of Events United, a Manchester New Hampshire firm that has created lighting and audio systems for over 100 churches since it was founded in 2000. He and his team recently created an 80-foot video wall for the Steubenville East religious conference.