Lighting’s impact often depends on how it interacts with the scenic elements on a sanctuary stage. Alex Fuller, lighting and scenic designer at Bethel Church in Redding, CA (average weekly attendance over 8,600), shares some valuable tips on making these two important parts of stage design work together to enhance worship services. Drawing on his own experience designing for churches and live events, he details how even subtle changes in things like a light’s beam angle, position or color can make a dramatic difference in the impression made by a scenic element. Topics covered include:

  1. Matching the correct lighting for different common church scenic elements.
  2. Getting the most out of your lights and arranging scenic elements for maximum impact
  3. Lighting scenic elements from the inside
  4. The effect of video walls on scenic elements

About the speaker

Alex Fuller

Alex Fuller
Lighting & Scenic Designer
Bethel Church and Music

Alex Fuller has over 15 years of corporate, church, and live event experience. He spent four years at Saddleback Church before moving his family to Northern California this spring. He currently serves Bethel Church and Bethel Music (Reading, CA) as the lighting and scenic designer. His passion is to use the technical arts as an extension of worship.