If you are new to audio or would like to get better at running sound, this is the seminar for you. In an entertaining and sometimes humorous way, we’ll cover some of the basics and avoid some of the problems all sound people face. We have years of experience that we can call on to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. We will share examples and explain the best practices the pros use to keep their on stage talent and the congregation happy!

– We want volunteers and new sound technicians to know that even at the biggest shows and events, the same rules for audio apply.
– By using real examples, we want to give some best practices to make their services better for both the musicians and the audience.
– Attendees should come away with information they can use at the very next service.
– Rekindle the desire to serve in the attendees hearts. We are all here for one purpose!

About the speaker

John Schauer

John Schauer
Senior Technical Specialist, MIPA
Yamaha Corporation of America

John is a 30 year veteran of Yamaha Corporation of America. He has worked with many professional sound companies, sharing with them both his technical expertise and experience. Having provided audio support for television, corporate, theatrical, and concert events earned him the responsibility of providing audio support for many of Yamaha’s corporate functions. He is instrumental in advising many of Yamaha’s retail dealers in planning church and school installations, helping them select the proper equipment. His seminars to users, product specialists, and church volunteers alike are very well received. In his product demonstrations, he explains complex theories and other hard-to-understand topics by breaking them down into easy to follow terms. His past experience in Yamaha’s service department has helped him maintain very close contact with customers to help them through installation questions, setup, and operational issues. In his current role as Senior Technical Specialist, he is instrumental in developing products that the professional audio market requires.