Michael P. Upshaw, SR

President & Co-Owner

In 1993, Michael enlisted in the most elite fighting force on the planet, the United States Marine Corps. Working in field communications, he acquired skills and training that allowed him to master executing high-level tasks in a fast-paced environment. Upon honorable discharge, he continued working in communications and electronics. He has worked in home security and automation, mastering installation of hardware and software solutions. His career progressed from analogue transmission into robust digital delivery of content and content management procedures and crossed boundaries into sales and service.

In 2005, he left the telecommunications industry and accepted a job offer with Streaming Faith as an Account Executive, entering the developing industry of live, video streaming on the World Wide Web. It was there where he soon learned how ministry could benefit from the use of technology. Within a few years, Michael was invited to join LifeStream.TV and Omnimediacast. Advancing technology has allowed him to learn the high-energy cycle of complex computing of decoding, encoding, transcoding, delivery and overall system management to include Cloud storage and delivery methods.

He enjoys the rigors and high learning curve that the industry affords. He remains determined to advance both hardware and software interchanges and perfect the delivery of a superior solution as a CDN. With Omnimediacast’s engineering and ingenuity, Michael and his team has maximized virtually every tool available including but not limited to load balancing, web management tools such as APIs and high-level systems integration to ensure an optimal, user experience.

Today, he is the President and Co-owner of Lifestream.tv where his passion for technology aligns with his calling as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has learned and continues to learn what it takes to deliver pure-quality video streaming that viewers can truly enjoy. His vast industry knowledge, proficiency and tenacity has heavily influenced the video delivery industry.

Above all, Michael is the loving and devoted husband of his wife, Priscilla. They have been married for 18 wonderful years, and they are privileged to be the parents of 3 remarkable teenagers. Together they continue to strive toward excellence, accepting and expecting nothing but God’s best.

LifeStream TV is an online internet content delivery network and service provider. Our Team is dedicated to helping Christian ministries deliver Christian content through our online streaming platform powered by Omnimediacast, LLC. As a leader in internet broadcast technology LifeStream TV continues delivering quality services. Our superb online Streaming Platform delivers Live, linear live and on demand content to global audiences. Engineering, Educating, and Leading the way in OTT and mobile technology. LifeStream TV Started in 2006 with a vision to take the message of Christ around the world digitally. ‘‘We Take Your Message To The World’’

Join Michael at his session, Streaming Made Simple: Separate the Myths from Reality