Mathias von Heydekampf

USA Director of Sales - Americas

Mathias von Heydekampf is an industry veteran with 25 years of audio experience. His past employment at Bose, Harmon, Telex and Bosch have allowed him to see every aspect of the audio industry. Currently von Heydekampf is Managing Director of Synthax USA whose brands include RME, Ferrofish and myMix. Mathias is a passionate presenter who believes that quality audio should never be compromised. When the industry does its job well delivering quality audio to whatever application or to whomever is listening or playing, everyone benefits. Mathias is equally passionate about soccer and golf as he is about audio. ted States Coast Guard Band of New London, CT.

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Join Mathias at his session, jWhat you need to know for a successful implementation of In-Ear-Monitoring (IEM).