Unfortunately, worship facilities are not immune to violence and have become targets for criminals.  The best way to protect your staff and congregations is to have a comprehensive security solution.  The job of a church security plan is to make your church a difficult and high-risk target for criminal activities.  A good security team needs to plan and prepare how to deal with problematic issues. In this seminar, you will learn vital information to help you prepare for potential problems, getting your team members on board, and developing a security and safety plan.

4 Objectives:

1.)     The ability for increased and sustainable levels of safety and security.

2.)     Asking the question, “Where are we vulnerable?”  You will always find weak spots and areas that need improvement.

3.)     Using new technologies to protect your church.

4.)     Encouraging church members to make security a priority.

About the speaker

Bill Wells

Bill Wells
Director of Security
AE Global

Bill Wells has been a part of the AE Global Media team since 2013 and leads the AE Global Security division. He works with his engineering team in the design process for audio, video, lighting, and acoustical projects as well as physical security. He consults with clients on security integration, implementation, and team building.

Bill is a native of South Carolina, where he graduated from the University of South Carolina with his BA in Political Science. Right after graduating, he was recruited to work for Westinghouse Security in 1994. Shortly after, he went on to open his own security firm out of Spartanburg, SC. His company designed and installed physical security systems in residential, commercial, light industrial and church industries. He currently holds security/dealership licensing, low volt electrical licensing, and his QA license in multiple states.

Bill met President and CEO Donnie Haulk over twenty years ago at a local church where they both attended. After seeing the growing need for security in houses of worship, Bill merged his security company with AE Global Media where he could have a larger influence and could grow the church security market.

He is currently resides in Spartanburg with his wife Heather and four children; two of which go to his alma mater, USC.