Your 1st line of defense

Learn what the overall state of access security is for congregations today, what access control best practices are, and what solution options are available to consider. Churches face significant challenges when balancing the missional mandate to be open-armed to the surrounding public while maintaining a safe and secure premise. Hosting para-church organizations, conducting community outreach functions, and welcoming the community are high on every church’s list. And so also should be safety and security.

Safety and security starts with well managed access control. Knowing who is where, and who has provisional access to church property is essential. Ask yourself two quick questions to see if this might be a valuable session for you:
1) Do you know how many church keys there are?
2) Do you know who has those keys right now?

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the general state of church access control security
2. Determine needs assessment
3. Learn best practices for access control
4. Know the pros & cons of options to consider

About the speakers

John Moa

John Moa
Sales Director
CyberLock, Inc

John has been in the Marketing Group at CyberLock, Inc for 10 years. CyberLock, a US engineering and manufacturing firm based in Corvallis, OR, is the technology leader in the smart-key access control sector providing small, medium, and enterprise level access control solutions across commercial and industrial industries. John also has 20+ years of pastoral experience which offers an insightful perspective to the growing security concerns and needs that congregations are facing.

Click here for more information about Cyberlock, Inc.

Join John at his session, Understanding and Controlling Access to Your Church: Your 1st Line of Defense.


Duane Hett

Duane Hett
Executive Pastor
Trinity Fellowship Church

I was born in Kingman, Arizona in 1958. Asked Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Savior when I was seven. At age eleven moved to Escondido, California where I graduated high school. I married my wife, Gail, at the age of twenty-one. I received my calling into vocational ministry in 1980. Attended the ABI Bible Institute in Westminster, California and received my ordination upon graduating. Attended Cypress College ’84-’85. Served five years as youth pastor at the Westminster Foursquare Church. In 1986 moved to Tyler, TX to plant a new Foursquare Church.

In February of 1998 I accepted the position of Executive Pastor at Trinity Fellowship Church. My wife and I have three sons (of which all are married), one daughter, and 4 grandchildren.