Safety and security is a multifaceted topic, but a necessary one and Aguiar will share examples and practical how-to advice from his more than 30 years of experience in the field. Topics covered in this session include church-related violence cases, access control, guns in churches, fire prevention, protecting your children, CPTED, and more.

About the speaker

Ron Aguiar

Ron Aguiar
Founder & CEO
Oasis Safety

Ron Aguiar is considered an expert in church safety and security. With more than 30 years of experience in private security, law enforcement and church security, he is able to relate and respond to just about any security-related situation a church or parachurch organization would face.
He has helped hundreds of churches across the country in setting up and improving their safety and security programs, which focus on subjects such as child abuse prevention, active shooter response training and keeping the church’s money safe. He has partnered with organizations such as the Kentucky Baptist Convention, Church Mutual Insurance Company and the Louisville Metro Police Department to deliver training where representatives from hundreds of churches have been educated on ways to increase safety for their members.

In 2008, Aguiar authored the book “Keeping Your Church Safe”, in hopes of educating churches across the globe about scenarios that could possibly take place in their buildings and among their members, and how to prevent and/or react accordingly. Aguiar founded Oasis Safety in 2017 following his retirement as Director of Safety and Security from Southeast Christian Church.

Aguiar’s background includes a law enforcement career with the Honolulu Police Department, the Hawaii Police Department and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He also served for four years as Safety and Security Director for Papa John’s International, has worked private security details from 2006-2017 and most recently served 19 years as Safety and Security Director of Southeast Christian Church, one of America’s largest churches.