Your Step By Step Guide for Improving Your Creativity and Productivity

Since we’re made in the image of the Creator, we have creativity in us. Or so we’re told. But most of us don’t live like it. In this session, discover how we lose our innate creativity, how to reclaim the wonderous creative nature that God designed for us, and ways you can begin today, to improve your creative work in both quantity and quality.

Break free from what stiffles your imagination. Let loose, the ingenious and innovative side of your mind, This intensive promises to inspire your creative thinking, and initiate a creative process that unbridles your imaginative side.

About the speaker

Len Wilson, Championing creativity

Len Wilson
Len Wilson has been championing creativity and more effective communication in church life since 1993. In service to this calling, he has worked on four church staffs, written ten books, consulted with dozens of churches, spoken at hundreds of events, founded two media micro-publishing firms, and acquired leadership books at a major publishing house.Len was an early pioneer of visual storytelling in worship. Along the way, he interned at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, played sax in a band with jazz great Denis DiBlasio in Philadelphia, and, for a few seconds, appeared in a Spielberg movie. He is currently Creative Director at St. Andrew in Plano, Texas. His most recent book is Think Like a Five Year Old: Reclaim Your Wonder and Create Great Things.