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Are you looking to enhance the video production experience of your worship service? Are you ready to grow your video productions beyond the sanctuary? Are you wondering how to incorporate multiple cameras while staying within your equipment budget?

Join us as we explore ways to take your video program to the next level in setup, production and post-production. We’ll share tips to help your crew master the technical direction of your events, manage setup and teardown faster, save hours on live and postediting, and leverage new tools that make the process more affordable. Be ready to share your challenges and solutions with us.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Demonstrate how to set up a portable multi-camera video project using existing equipment.
  2. Demonstrate basics for live streaming, multi-camera production and live editing (e.g., graphic overlays, compositions, etc.)
  3. Develop a strategy for enhancing production experiences and training your crew on easier technical direction of a production, enabling you to grow your program beyond the sanctuary.
  4. Compare and contrast various multi-camera, live-broadcast production systems currently available to the worship market.

About the Speaker

Jeffrey Sasagawa

Jeff Sasagawa
Jeff Sasagawa is the Director of Product Management at DISH Technologies, a subsidiary of DISH Network. In addition to his expertise in streaming video technologies, he’s the product champion of SlingStudio, which is the industry’s first portable and wireless multi-camera video system that anyone can learn to use at an affordable price. From technical director to camera operator, Jeff has logged hundreds of hours working with churches, schools, TV stations and Hollywood studios to live-broadcast their video productions.

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