Boot Camps

Boot camps are designed to be an immersive, interactive learning experience. They are deep dive intensives that will jump-start your WFX education experience and provide you with practical tips, new ideas, fresh insights, and necessary know-how to bring about change for your church. You can choose from two-hour or four-hour sessions, making it the most affordable learning experience in the market. Specialized learning on Safety & Security, Building Solutions, Communications, Worship, and Film-making ensures there is something for everyone.

Tech Leader’s Retreat

Join prominent tech leaders from across the country in this intensive, interactive workshop. TLR is where leaders can be encouraged to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally. Attendees will develop their leadership skills and gain personal insight and development tips from some of the nation’s largest and most influential church tech leaders.

Manufacturer Sponsored Workshops

This is a unique opportunity to receive education and training on critical topics and skills. Sponsored Workshops are two-hour sessions where product and service providers will lead in-depth sessions. They are not sales pitches. They are intentionally curated educational experiences delivering beneficial information and product solutions for the church audience. These free training opportunities are available to those with full-conference or expo pass registration.