Church internships have a lot to offer both the intern and the church. In this session, Karl Vaters will share the practical principles that his church has used to run a successful internship ministry for over a dozen years. It all starts with wanting to invest in the next generation and ends with seasoned and experienced harvest workers ready for Kingdom work.

About The Speaker

Karl Vaters, Recruiting, Volunteers

The Millennial Mystery: Ministering With and To a Generation that Doesn’t Exist

We all endeavor to know how to reach the masses, especially the “millenial” generation. Reaching multiple generations all at once takes understanding the nuiances of each age group. It’s apparent that we can’t just follow the same recipe we had for reaching the builders and boomers. We need a paradigm shift. This deep-dive into understanding the millenials will give you new insight that will change your expectations and ministry approach to reaching them.