Peer Group Discussion

No doubt over the last couple of decades our culture has changed. Subsequently, churches across the world are trying to adapt to the shift and remain relevant so they can reach people for Christ.
One of the biggest challenges is keeping your facilities up-to-date with these changes. Worship styles have changed or more have been added, overall church security and security safeguards for children have become a priority, and creating space for relational connectivity is a new normal. The task at hand is to create a facility that seems relevant to today’s societal expectations. Our buildings can be what initially attracts people to our church, and can ultimately lead to a life changing relationship with Christ. Successfully accomplishing both, showcases the churches passion and purpose to reach the surrounding community and exhibits that today, church CAN be relevant instead of being a tired and worn out tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.
Some of the relevant questions that we will discuss at this peer group roundtable are:

  1. What do churches need to know about how relevant your facility is to reaching people?
  2. What cultural shifts have triggered this need for change and how does that affect your facilities?
  3. What are the five main areas of focus when evaluating your facility’s relevance to culture?
  4. How do we adapt and update our facilities to truly reflect who we are as a congregation?
    Whether you are anticipating building new, or you are being challenged to renovate what you have, this session will help you assess your current situation and determine your next steps so that you can be empowered to reach all generations, all at the same time.

About the speaker

Rodney James

Rodney James
Vice President of Business & Design
Churches by Daniels Construction Inc.

Rodney James has a degree in Business Management and Aviation from Oklahoma State University. After working as a pilot and manager in the corporate aviation industry, God called him to serve in ministry in 1992. Rodney served as Executive Pastor, then Senior Pastor at Tulsa Sequoyah Hills Baptist Church for twenty years. During his ministry God allowed Rodney to lead and complete multiple building and renovation projects.

In 2012 God opened the door for Rodney to join the Churches By Daniels Construction team as Director of Business and Finance. Rodney is now a Business Partner and Vice President of Business & Design. He is able to help other Pastors and churches build the Kingdom by utilizing his gifts, and talents in ministry, business, and construction. His experience enables him to bring a unique perspective to both the church and the business side of church construction.

Rodney has written or assisted with articles for Church Executive, Community Spirit, Religious Products, WFM Magazine, and other publications.  He also has been invited to speak at the International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen events, Worship Facilities Conference, the Church Network Conference, and the Association of Related Churches Conference.

Rodney and his wife Dana have one daughter and live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.