Dan Mikes session on Loan Solutions will teach you how to identify an appropriate level of indebtedness, how to talk to lenders and how to effectively manage your debt. He will teach you how to maximize your ministry’s resource through EFT, Internet banking and electronic tithing.

4 Learning Objectives are:
1. Planning Your Project/How Much Can You Afford
2. Applying for a Loan/Financing Offer
3. Preparing to Close Loan
4. Cash Management/Products

About the speaker

Dan Mikes

Dan Mikes
Executive Vice President, Religious Institution Banking
The Bank of The West

As Executive Vice President and National Manager of Bank of the West’s Religious Institution Banking Division, Dan is an active participant in conventions/workshops sponsored by such organizations as The Church Network and Worship Facilities Conference and Expo (WFX) as well as a contributing author to many industry periodicals. Dan’s entire professional career has involved nationwide religious lending; including over 27 years of working exclusively with religious organizations requiring financing programs in excess of $1 million.