The most successful church cafes understand that creating a café in their church must be more than just trying to make revenue for the church or a ministry. It must have a larger purpose. This is true for both the community that will be supporting it AND the volunteers that will be staffing it.  When setting up a church café, we always stress to the staff and volunteers that the purpose of a café is to build community and that they are the source of building fellowship, bringing in new members to the community and affecting change in their community in ways they may have no idea how.  Our session will cover the key steps successful churches take to inspire their volunteers and communities into supporting the café and ultimately, creating the revenue needed to support missions the community believes in.  We will cover purpose, core values, pre and post shift meetings, team building and the most effective way to find the right people for your café. Our format will be an open discussion format to encourage questions and sharing.  We will also be available in our booth, The Daily Java, to provide any further support you may need to make sure your café is the best it can be. The Daily Java has 22 years of experience in setting up, training and running successful cafes.

3 Learning Objectives:

    • How to create fellowship through coffee
    • Steps to inspiring your volunteers to understanding they are doing more than just serving coffee
    • Creating consistency, profits and fellowship every Sunday

About The Speaker

Mike Bacile, President, Daily Java

Mike Bacile
The Daily Java

The Daily Java has been supporting customers since 1995 with consulting, equipment, training and products. Over the past 8 years Mike has guided The Daily Java to a vision that meet his personal Christian Values. We Build the Community One Cup at a Time. We are committed to making sure church cafes reach their goals of building fellowship and creating a café that actually produces revenue.

Over the years, Mike has spoken at many conventions and seminars providing step by step answers and guidelines to building and running a successful church café. He has been published and quoted many time in trade magazines, providing insight on the next big thing to hit the coffee industry, helping to re-focus attention on the key areas that can cause any café to struggle.

Mike brings the knowledge of over 20 years in the coffee business to the Church Cafes through his Top 10 DOs and DONTs. We help Church Cafes understand what part of the Starbucks model they should copy and what parts they should avoid in order to succeed. Mike and the staff at The Daily Java are committed to their vision of building the Christian Community through fellowship coffee.