This session is designed to help lead or senior pastors, executive pastors, administrators, and building team members understand the critical and right steps in casting vision for any type of facility renovation, expansion, or new construction. Too often churches miss steps early in the process that causes the result of the of the project to be very different than the vision shared by the pastor. This creates a leadership equity issue that could have been easily avoided by ensuring the right information is shared at the right time with the right people.

The Who of Vision Casting – Who needs to share the vision and with whom should it be shared first, second, and third?
The Why of Vision Casting – Why are we casting vision for new or upgraded facilities? The why is more important than the what we are going to do.
The What of Vision Casting – What do we share when we begin to cast vision for new, expanded or upgraded facilities?
The When of Vision Casting – The timing of sharing vision for a facility project is critical. Too soon, and you risk sharing incomplete or incorrect information. Too late and the momentum has been lost for raising capital funding and potential growth. There are steps to take prior to casing vision that can ensure, when Pastor shares, he shares accurate and complete vision that will be fulfilled as he moves forward.

About the speaker

Rodney James

Rodney James
Vice President of Business & Design
Churches by Daniels Construction Inc.

Rodney James has a degree in Business Management and Aviation from Oklahoma State University. After working as a pilot and manager in the corporate aviation industry, in 1992 God called him to serve in ministry.

For 20 years Rodney served as Executive Pastor, then Senior Pastor at Tulsa Sequoyah Hills Baptist Church. During his ministry God allowed Rodney to lead and complete multiple building and renovation projects.

In 2012 God opened the door for Rodney to join the Churches By Daniels Construction team as Director of Business and Finance. Rodney is now a Business Partner and Vice President of Business & Design. He is able to help other Pastors and churches build the Kingdom.

By utilizing his experience, gifts and talents in ministry, business, and construction he is able to bring a unique perspective to both the church and the business side of building churches.

Rodney has written or assisted with articles on church construction for Church Executive, Community Spirit, Religious Products, WFM Magazine, and other publications.  He also has been invited to speak at the International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen events, Worship Facilities Conference, the Church Network Conference, and the Association of Related Churches Conference.

Rodney and his wife Dana have one daughter and live in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.