Worship Team Education Experience with Integrity Music

We are made to live a life of worship, whether it's in our every day comings and goings or together in our churches every week. Those called to lead their churches into an encounter with God, have a special role and responsibility to prepare their hearts and grow their skills. The We Are Worship Conference, produced by Integrity Music, is an experience that will transform and embolden you and your team to reach new heights in worship.

The We Are Worship Conference offers  worship teams, an opportunity to personally connect with Integrity Music artists and renowned Christian songwriters. We Are Worship instructors feel a passion to serve those who have desire to bring their best to their Sunday worship experience. Sessions will bring singers and musicians together to learn important skills around preparing for worship, songwriting, clicks and loops, service planning, leading a worship team, song selection, effective and efficient rehearsals, recruiting and training, and so much more.