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We will discuss all of the basic components of live streaming.  The session will begin by discussing best practices when connecting video gear to streaming software and hardware.  Then we will discuss the various types of software and hardware and how they connect to distribution platforms.  From there we will discuss the various types of distribution platforms and how to decide which outlets your church needs.  The session will end with a Q&A segment for our experts in all these areas.

About the speaker

Andrew Haley

Andrew Haley
Andrew Haley is the Product and Live Streaming Evangelist at Telestream.  He is recognized as an industry expert in live streaming technologies, and the host of the weekly show “Wirecast Live.”  Before working at Telestream he co-founded KoGV Films, a media production company, and he worked in production and digital media education.  His wife, three children, cat, and dog occasionally let him think he’s in charge.