Dan and Pastor Matt will present 10 different methodologies that will clearly illustrate to small and large ministries the ability to change their financial outlook by using their buildings 7 days a week while fully embedding themselves into the community.  This is one of the most innovative approaches to church ministry every presented.

About the speakers

Dan Cook

Dan Cook
Founder, Architect / Building God’s Way
A visionary architect, builder, developer, and the founder of the Building God’s Way network of Kingdom Building Services, Dan has helped revolutionize the way ministry facilities are designed and built. He has led BGW through the design of more than 700 ministry facilities and 12 million square feet of cost effective education and worship space nationwide. Dan is an innovator with a heart for helping ministries adapt to cultural change, reach the new generation, and sustain their ministries in a changing economic environment. In recent years, Dan has developed a unique master planning strategy that helps ministries think “out-of-the-box” when it comes to leveraging their land and facilities to generate revenue. This new approach provides ministries with a financially sustainable model for the 21st century. Dan’s vision is to support Christian organizations nationwide as they follow God’s direction in building buildings and building lives.



Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts
Founder, Lead Pastor / The Genesis Project
Matt is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Genesis Project, a local church and national church planting movement based in Ogden, Utah that has experienced tremendous local and multi-site growth since it’s launch nearly 10 years ago.

Matt began his ministry as a Youth Pastor in the inner cities of Tampa Florida, Portland Oregon and Denver Colorado. During this time he traveled extensively as a national speaker and advocate for students in some of the most challenging places in our nation. After nearly a decade of Youth Ministry, Matt and his family moved to Utah to pursue a lifelong dream of planting a “church for people who don’t do church”.

That dream has materialized as The Genesis Project, a church moved to reach the darkest areas of the city with the hope of Jesus. The Genesis Project has grown from a small group meeting in an local coffee shop, to a multi-site movement in 6 communities across the nation reaching thousands every week. Every Genesis Project church is connected by a passion to love the most broken and disenfranchised within the local community. This is accomplished through an active, relational model that marries an embedded church with practical community engagement and a sustainable business model.

The headquarters for this model of ministry is in Ogden, Utah where The Genesis Project finds it’s home on the Hub 801 campus. When not in use for church services and events, Hub 801 operates as a full-service event center, a community coffee shop, a daycare center that serves as a children’s ministry and outreach facility, a local youth center, multiple ministry and rehabilitation homes and non-profit community services. Through the merger of diversified business and ministry, the Hub 801 campus has become a model for planting financially sustainable churches within communities plagued by poverty and religious apathy.

Over the last decade Matt has served in various roles and positions helping churches and denominations revitalize and re-imagine their church planting strategies through an embedded, sustainable, community lens. His passion is found within the hope and excitement he has for the potential of the local church in the 21st century.