A Cross-Functional Session for all 5 Conferences

“I HATE CHANGE!”  If you’ve said this, thought this or live by this mantra, this session is for you.  Change is not optional; it is going to happen; whether you like it or not; with or without your participation.  Leadership and ministry is forever-changing. This means that if you aren’t a lover of change, that you need to gain some insight as to how you can embrace and implement change minus the pain. some practical ways you can implement TODAY to talk yourself off the change ledge.  This session will give you resources and information on how to talk yourself off the ledge and more importantly, how to successfully lead others through change.  We are leading our families, our ministry teams, our entire churches and influencing our communities as change-agents. Christ came so to be the change-agent in our lives. It is our responsibility to lead others through change so our churches and communities can change the world.

  1. Why change is necessary for success
  2. How to accurately assess your status
  3. How to create easy wins along the journey
  4. It’s the 80, not the 20: how to influence the majority to move in your direction

About the speaker

Eric Byrd

Eric Byrd
Minister of Music/Director of Creative Arts
St John Baptist Church

Leader Eric Byrd has served as Minister of Music or as a Music Worship Leader for over 20 years. On staff at St John Baptist Church since October of 2010 he oversees 7 choirs, 5 praise team configurations, many musicians, worship technology, dance and drama teams; he leads over 125 staff and volunteers. He is a proficient pianist, singer and composer in both the jazz and gospel fields. As a young 20-something he funded, rehearsed and organized a 5 day tour of Vienna, Austria with a mass gospel choir. He is the composer of St John’s new marketing tag line and theme song “Discover Something New Together”. He has a BA in Music, a Masters degree in music and a Masters in Ministry: Leadership Studies degree from Lancaster Bible College. He is a Grammy Award voter, an independent recording artist and has toured all over the world in both gospel and jazz. Along with his many musical responsibilities he is actively involved in leadership training in both faith based and non-faith based organizations. He has recently launched his first consultant company, VIP Consulting: Leadership Done Well. VIP stands for vision, implementation and process – all of which Byrd personally walks each client through.