Harnessing Technology and Vision for Mission

The methods for reaching your community are advancing quickly and churches need to keep pace with today’s social media and church communication best practices.  Whether you are a big or small church, the opportunity to reach the world is enormous. Unfortunately, most churches are not capitalizing on their potential due to low prioritization or lack of staff and know-how.

What you will learn:

  • Strategies for developing and implementing communications strategy
  • Creating an effective website
  • Using SEO and analytics to increase your reach and engagement
  • Understanding and leveraging social media platforms
  • Planning and coordinating service planning
  • Understand the power and influence of your brand
  • Utilizing visual media for effective communication and messages

The Church Communications Conference is designed for pastors, executive pastors, directors of communications, creative directors and other key roles involved in planning and executing Sunday services.

Download Worship Facilities "The State of Church Communications" report. A deep dive into the emerging and evolving world of church communications.

Communications Conference Sponsored by:

Center for Church Communication

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Communications Conference Keynote Speaker: Len Wilson

Len Wilson has been championing creativity and more effective communication in church life since 1993. In service to this calling, he has worked on four church staffs, written ten books, consulted with dozens of churches, spoken at hundreds of events, founded two media micropublishing firms, and acquired leadership books at a major publishing house.

Len was an early pioneer of visual storytelling in worship. Along the way, he interned at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, played sax in a band with jazz great Denis DiBlasio in Philadelphia, and, for a few seconds, appeared in a Spielberg movie. He is currently Creative Director at St. Andrew in Plano, Texas. His most recent book is Think Like a Five Year Old: Reclaim Your Wonder and Create Great Things.

Follow Len at lenwilson.us or on Twitter at @Len_Wilson.


Len Wilson,Church Communications

Shareability: Transform Hearts, Lives and Communities with Messages That Click

If the digital age has taught us anything, it’s that messages have influence in the context of a community. Transforming hearts, lives and communities is still about the quality of the message. But the act of communication is not just sender to receiver. The community is, and has always been, a core part of how we cut through the noise so our message gets heard. In this session, we will explore keys to better shareability, including how to clarify our message, how to earn the community’s attention, ways to tap into your God-given creativity, secrets to good images, how to tell stories that resonate, and how to develop systems for sustained influence.

Follow Len at lenwilson.us or on Twitter at @Len_Wilson.