Sustain Your Creative Arts Ministry

What if you could develop better systems for sustained excellence in your creative arts ministry? Discover the secrets to building and unleashing world class talent in service to your message. Hint: it starts with becoming an advocate and leader for your own ministry’s welfare. Includes an analysis of your current situation, a model for working together, a thorough content strategy, a process for unleashing great talent, as well as tips for developing better channels, personnel and technology plans, better worship development, and – finally – a comprehensive annual messaging calendar for the church. Don’t miss this session if you are a creative director, tech director, or in another position that helps to develop the creative ministry in your church.

About the speaker

Len Wilson

Len Wilson
Creative Director, Author
St. Andrew United Methodist Church
If the digital age has taught us anything, it’s that messages have influence in the context of a community. Transforming hearts, lives and communities is still about the quality of the message. But the act of communication is not just sender to receiver. The community is, and has always been, a core part of how we cut through the noise so our message gets heard. In this session, we will explore keys to better shareability, including how to clarify our message, how to earn the community’s attention, ways to tap into your God-given creativity, secrets to good images, how to tell stories that resonate, and how to develop systems for sustained influence.

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