We’ve heard your cry and know your problem. You’re a small church, and you don’t feel like you could ever do communications as well as the bigger churches. However, there are some tried and true methods that will help you leverage better results, even if you’re on a small church budget or have a small church staff. This deep dive will ensure that you are equipped to reach the masses you desire to impact.
4 Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how to frame excellence in your context.
2. Learn tools and tricks big churches are using that you can use too.
3. Learn how to develop and leverage communication methods that multiply your time and budget.
4. Learn how to leverage smallness to accomplish big things.

About the speaker

Chuck Scoggins

Chuck Scoggins
Chuck Scoggins is the Executive Director at the Center for Church Communication, a former large-church communications director, and owner of the premium digital creative agency, Chuck Creative.