Art can be created using any medium, so can a mess. Technologies are an effective way to create art in worship. They help create a visual impact that words alone may not communicate. But when does technology become too much of a good thing? With technology all around us, it can be difficult to know what will work for you and your church and what becomes overwhelming noise. The underlying goal is to create an environment that promotes engaging life impacting worship.

Learning Objective #1:
Architecture as a form of technology. Identifying the four levels of technology design in worship spaces. Creating an atmosphere with less distractions; creating a moment for engagement.

Learning Objective #2:
Expend your message and embrace your congregation; overcome outside stimulus

Learning Objective #3:
Engaging audience with the use of visual and audio technologies that encourage participation over observation. Increasing expressive worship, creating an atmosphere. How far is to far and how can you not fall short? Define the goal before you engage the technology.

Learning Objective #4:
Effective use of next generation technology: enhances worship, encourages engagement and inspires. This means you have to consider, not just what technology is capable of but how an application most effectivly conveys the message. Since the purpose for using technology in church is to inspire and communicate. Are you overcomplicating things?

About the speaker

Donnie Haulk

Donnie Haulk
CEO and Lead Designer
AE Global Media

Donnie is an international speaker, published author, an accomplished musician, technology architect and manufacturing consultant for the industry he loves. He is daily involved in the design, engineering, installation and testing of many cutting-edge A/V/L products on the market today.

With a solid background in engineering and business administration, he has guided AEGM through years of rapidly changing technology and solid growth while keeping the company at the forefront of the industry. His team develops campus-wide technology systems for businesses and ministries worldwide. They have designed and installed thousands of production media systems around the world, along with planning and producing live events. Over 3 million people experience live production and worship on systems AEGM has designed and installed every week with millions more tuning in via customized broadcasting and webcasting technologies.

Donnie’s book entitled Dynamic Worship By Design is a teaching textbook for the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Continuing Education class as well as classes at NAB, WFX, InfoComm, LDI, Arch Ex, and other international industry trade shows. His new book entitled God’s Laws of Communication is a study in the physiology of worship and the effect of acoustics on the master planning of a worship facility.

Donnie’s drive is developing ways to inspire people through innovative design. His passion, however, is the use of relevant technology to create environments that communicate and connect with human emotions. Donnie’s lifetime home is in the mountains of NC, with his wife Lisa. Together they raised 5 children and now celebrate and enjoy hosting their 5 grandchildren. (Digital Audio & Lighting Consoles, DSP Control Systems, Digital Broadcast Systems, Mechanical & Electrical Acoustic Systems, and Surround Processing & Control Systems)